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Vision & Values

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Creating a vision brings our future into the present. And as we share our vision and values with you, it helps us continue to realise this vision.

Our why - A just cause
We’re a family focussed business. Our financial planning services focus on the needs of families in our local community. This is by design - because family is important to us. We’re very motivated to address these common financial problems because we think they’re worth solving - and the results are nothing short of life changing:

•    Most families don't have a financial plan to guide their decision making.
•    Financial stress is a leading cause of family stress and breakup.
•    Most families desperately need financial security and guidance.
•    Families want to preserve their generational wealth; they just don't know how.


Our core values

Our own family culture is one of love, integrity, service and honesty. We choose to extend and project these values beyond our household. And as a business, we follow these powerful principles:



Everything we say or do is in the best interests of our clients. We treat our clients like we treat our family. Our clients are safe with us.



We speak from the heart and always strive to tell it like we see it. We’re authentic, we’re transparent with our interactions and we act with the highest integrity.



Relationships are most important to us. We’re creating long term partnerships with our clients that achieve their most important goals and objectives. We’re able to do this with fair and sustainable fee structures that are mutually beneficial.



We seek to lead our clients with wisdom and humility. We challenge what’s possible and are always looking for opportunities that don’t yet exist. Roadblocks and challenges just mean that we need another way forward. We’ll never know it all - so we’re also conscious that we need to be open to the wisdom of others. Wisdom makes all things possible.

Our business model philosophy
We’ve learnt that our clients are intelligent thinkers and are a sharp judge of character when it comes to working closely with a financial professional. They appreciate the little things. They want trustworthy service, tailored just for them. And when it comes right down to it - they know intuitively that bigger is not always better.

We operate our business with concepts that make being small an advantage. It also means that we punch above our weight. 


By design, we operate a home-based micro-business model. It’s compact, lightweight, and heavy hitting. Focussed on helping local families, and with no wasted big office space. It's a business model that can easily network with aligned financial advisers who work remotely from within their own communities. 


Our business operations are professional and tech driven. To attain efficiency, we use specialised software which makes our work effective and will maintain and promote our compliant advice processes. We aim for simplicity amid a complex profession. And to do more, with less.


We’re future proofing our business model. The tech revolution into the decentralised internet of Web3 is well underway. It’s a big deal. And just like the emergence of the original Web1 internet in the 1990's - Web3 is set to disrupt every business model on the planet. This tech revolution will enable us to reach more families to help them, and to do it more securely. It will empower families to self-manage their wealth and secure it for many generations to come.

Our clients
We attract clients who are seeking financial guidance and who share our family values. They refer their family and friends because they trust us and have confidence in our holistic advice. This is the greatest compliment they could give us.

Our clients work with us for the long term. They participate in tailored service packages that best suit their needs and financial objectives. This allows them to enjoy a more comprehensive, value-packed relationship which includes regular education and overarching support. It’s not ‘us and them’ - we’re partners together on this journey.

A word from Shaun
We believe we are in this business to impact lives and to create a world that helps everyone experience better ways of living. For us, this specifically means the financial improvement of families. Our services span the needs of all the family generations.

Our professional network consists of skilled individuals who we have carefully sourced - and we use their services too. They hold similar values to us. We work together to coordinate the full scope of financial planning, tax, accounting, legal, lending and tech services to meet the financial needs of the modern family.

We’re also changing how the financial planning profession treats relationships between financial advisers, their clients, and the products and services they need. And we’re focused on building the best business model to optimise this and deliver the greatest value to our clients. 

We continue to be passionate about building a special company - one that is focused on people. And together, we can continue to realise this vision.

Thank you for joining me on this special journey