Let your super get looked after, while you look after life.

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I'm all for a high level of service, attention to detail and a wide range of high quality investments when it comes to your super and non-super investments. This is your personal wealth after all - and it demands respect and professional skill. That's why I've been recommending a Managed Discretionary Account (MDA) Investment Program for my clients since 2014.

An MDA is a service that enables your investment to be actively managed. It's not passive. It's not set-and-forget. It adjusts to the current market conditions, maintains your investments according to your personal risk profile and seeks to meet your long term investment objectives. This is especially important when you hold your super and other longterm investments in volatile markets. You want it well-looked after.

The MDA investment program means:

  • Changes to your portfolio will be made throughout the year rather than only at annual reviews. This is what makes it truly responsive.

  • The portfolio is tailored to meet your specific needs and objectives using a wide range of high quality investment options.

  • You'll have visibility and transparency of the underlying investments with detailed reporting provided through the BT Panorama investment platform.

  • The MDA manager will replace or remove an investment when required to maximise the returns and remove unnecessary risks from your portfolio.

  • They will maintain the asset allocation of your portfolio within your personal risk tolerance.


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It's this type of activity and level of service that I'm after for my clients investments. I can help get your super sorted and to keep your retirement funds on track. Contact me if you've got any questions.