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Being a fee based financial planner means that I charge a fixed rate for the advice I provide, because I believe in being completely transparent. Everyone knows what to expect for an agreed fee. Your advice fee will depend on the type and complexity of advice you need.

I’ll send you a Financial Services Guide (FSG) with a lot more detail on how different types of fees work. Here’s a snapshot in the meantime:

Initial Consultation

  • $220: For comprehensive family financial planning. Invoiced after meeting.

  • $440: For more complex SMSF, corporate and trust related advice. Invoiced after meeting.

  • If you proceed with my advice, I will rebate you by deducting this initial consultation payment from the next fee payable. Even if you choose not to proceed, you will still have received value from this initial consultation, such as clarity on your true financial situation. 

  • All fees include GST 

Spending & Savings Plan

This is a complete budget set up and money management program. Your Spending & Savings Plan will get your money stuff sorted so you can begin saving. It's a great place to start.

  • $220 Upfront + $120/month for12 months

  • Includes an Initial Consultation with a12 month strategy for your spending and savings tracking.

  • All fees include GST


Financial Planning

This is a full service Financial Planning package that covers all aspects of your financial needs and goals. Your comprehensive financial advice and implementation process takes on average 30 hrs to prepare.

  • Statement of Advice (Financial Plan)

Starting from $2,750: For comprehensive strategy planning and the preparation of your Statement of Advice. This is once-only fee and depends on the complexity of your advice.

  • Implementing your advice

Starting from $1,100: For implementing your advice, which includes completing all paperwork and opening accounts - making it all happen. This is a once-only fee.

  • Coaching & Management - Keeping everything on track

Starting from $2,500/client per year: For your Annual Portfolio Management and Review service - it's a year of direct access for coaching, management and support to keep your plan on track. This is one of the most important things I do as a Financial Adviser. It's an annual fee and depends on the complexity of your advice and the ongoing services you require. In short, this is essential. It's what you need to keep everything together so you can reach your goals.

  • If your advice specifically relates to superannuation and retirement planning, you can choose to use your super balance to pay for your upfront fee and Annual Portfolio Management and Review service. This option is only available to superannuation accounts that are under my advice and also for Self-managed Super Funds.

  • Insurance Commissions: If you take out an insurance policy to manage your financial risks and protect your family and income, I will be paid a commission directly from the product provider. I will disclose any commission that I expect to receive in your Statement of Advice. 

  • All fees include GST

Got questions?

If you have more questions about my professional fees, please read this story first.