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Get a free 'Health Check' on your Private Health cover.

Make sure your Private Health cover is still as good for you today as it was when you first signed up. Get your free 'Health Check' on your Private Health cover now.


It's probably been a while since you've checked your cover so a few facts and figures may be helpful before you start.

  • 77% of people with Private Health cover haven't switched funds in the last 5 years. They don't know if what they have is still right for them.

  • The average insurance premium paid is around $3,000 a year for both Hospital & Extras cover. Most people would love to save money and cut that monthly bill down.

  • 47% of people hold Private Health cover to give them more choice of medical and dental care and less waiting time when it matters most.

  • 55% of those same people choose to pay more for Extra's cover. 9% of them use their Extra's cover regularly to maintain a healthy life.

  • People mostly hold Extra's cover to get benefits on their dental, optical, physio and chiro - with dental being the clear winner.

As our lives change, so do our health needs. Whether you’re single or married, starting a family or heading into retirement, it’s worth reviewing your cover regularly to check that your health insurance is still meeting your needs and that you're not paying more than you should be. 

Book a time for your free 'Health Check'


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