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Your own personal Project Manager

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

I've got a friend - he's a Mortgage Broker, a family man and a good bloke. He's successful in his business because he solves problems. And his clients like that he can do that well.

People like problem solvers.

Problem-solving is a valuable skill. I know of people that have the skill of creating problems wherever they go, and I can tell you, they're not so much in demand. But then there are those who can help people by taking the complex, the unclear, the annoying and the paralysing problems of life and bring in practical solutions. Now, I can assure you, it's those people are who are in high demand.

I recently spoke with another Financial Adviser - he told me that he's an 'Adviser' first and foremost and that his focus is to help people solve problems. He's not one that 'flogs' products to get a sale. He helps people have a better life and to achieve the outcomes that are important to them through being engaged with him - just like their personal Project Manager. And he just happens to be a licensed financial advice Specialist who can help them in that area also.

Over the years, the trusted advisers for the family have been the family Doctor, Accountant or Lawyer. In this new era of work/life complexity and interconnectivity - I would suggest that Financial Advisers are strategically placed and more able, to help people get the things they want and need in life. It makes sense when you take a look at important areas in life the Adviser is part of and where they can help you.

  • Family, relationships and community

  • Personal and family health

  • Protecting the people and the things that are important to you

  • Money management and spending planning

  • Knowing and helping you to achieve your lifestyle aspirations and goals

  • Income, business and career goals

  • Debts, loans and investment management

  • Future goals and a plan to help make these happen

  • Helping with your retirement goals and the care for your loved ones in their fragile years

  • Planning, protecting and preserving your assets for the next generation

  • Being the Trusted Adviser, personal Project Manager and professional co-ordinator for your family

  • Providing you with direction, accountability, 'hand-holding' and being someone just to 'bounce ideas off

Your adviser knows you - and they know what you want. They have the problem-solving skills and the professional connections to co-ordinate all the help you need. They'll act as your family's Trusted Adviser and personal Project Manager to make it happen.


Shaun O'Keefe thinks that families are important. He's found that he can help more people, more effectively when he helps families. As a fee-based financial planner, he works with families just like yours to bring personal values and financial resources in line so that you can keep focussed on the priorities in your life.

The information contained in this article is general in nature only. It is not intended to be a recommendation, offer, advice or invitation to purchase, sell or otherwise deal in securities or other investments. Before making any decision concerning a financial product, you should seek advice from an appropriately qualified professional. We believe that the information contained in this document is accurate. However, we are not specifically licensed to provide tax or legal advice and any information that may relate to you should be confirmed with your tax or legal adviser.


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