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What should you invest in?

Most markets are down, and everything looks nasty out there. It's not just those markets you expect to be volatile, like crypto, but even the so called 'good stuff' too, like what your super fund is invested in. It's all been painted red and left to plummet. Even gold and silver, those great safe-harbour investments for stormy markets have copped a heavy weather beating in recent months too.

And to take it one step further in these negative opening remarks of mine, there's many calling a housing market drop as demand for our favourite Aussie asset falls due to increasing interest rates, higher living costs and general affordability.

When? Who knows.

Will it? Yep, probably.

There's just very little confidence out there. No wonder too, the media has been whipping every little bit of negative sentiment into a frenzy for months. It kind of becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

And that brings me back to the original question in the title - what should you invest in? ...even now when most markets are being savaged.

It's a common question that could be used as a prelude to some sophisticated investment advice. But not today. Today you're getting some sage advice from one of my favourite writers, Franklin Sanders - 'The Moneychanger'. Ponder the true value of what you're about to read and your life will be richer.

When people ask me what to invest in besides gold and silver, I don’t always make myself clear, I’m afraid. Your best move is to invest in yourself, that is, in whatever can produce an ongoing stream of revenue and benefits. That might be land where your family can live and make a living. That may be your own business or your skills, whatever makes you more valuable to other people. That might be a welding class, it might be learning how to farm or garden, carpentry, whatever skill it may be, but once you acquire it nobody can take it away from you and it will keep paying dividends. Y’all need to stop thinking about wealth in terms of dollars, and think of it in terms of productive capacity, relationships, and real assets.

The hallmarks of sage advice is that it is wise, knowledgeable, learned, shrewd, and skilful. And I know what you've read above is not investment advice in the normal financial planning sense - but it is definitely sage.

Putting your mind, body and spirit to work, to expand your personal capacity, will generate greater and more sustainable long term wealth for your life than that which is purely denominated in dollars.


Shaun O'Keefe helps families feel more financially secure. He's found that he can help more people, more effectively when he helps families. As a fee-based financial planner, he works with families just like yours to bring personal values and financial resources in line so that you can keep focussed on the priorities in your life.

The information contained in this article is general in nature only. It is not intended to be a recommendation, offer, advice or invitation to purchase, sell or otherwise deal in securities or other investments. Before making any decision concerning a financial product, you should seek advice from an appropriately qualified professional. We believe that the information contained in this document is accurate. However, we are not specifically licensed to provide tax or legal advice and any information that may relate to you should be confirmed with your tax or legal adviser.


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