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People just need a hand

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Some people just need to be told what to do and they'll do it - and do it well. They're a rare breed. Get them started on the path and they're off and running and through their own discipline will hit the goals they're aiming for.

And some will never even show real interest in getting ahead. What I mean is, they want to get ahead - magically - without doing anything. They may even seek advice initially - but will fall away when things get hard.

Then there are the 'others' - and these are my favourite kind of people. They're the ones that are open and just need a hand to achieve their goals. They don't really 'get' the detail of what they need to do but they will trust you to help them. When you give them some guidance and accountability, they'll make progress and eventually get where they need to be.

I guess I like this last group of people because they're a lot like me. I've never been a 'natural'. I wouldn't classify myself as an academically bright student, a naturally gifted athlete or someone that can just glide through life ticking all the boxes of success. I usually have to work hard to advance myself - there's rarely an easy path.

I worked hard and understood that with the right kind of help, from the right kind of person, I could succeed.

Early on in my adult years I began to dream and set goals for my life. These were in areas I wanted for my family, for me personally and for how I could help a lot of other people throughout the course of my life. Over the years I've worked hard and exercised discipline to achieve them but had to have the firm hand of mentors/advisers to guide me and keep me on track along the way. This is a theme I've observed in the lives of most people who get any level of success in life too.

There are those that have a special call on their lives to help people. Their satisfaction comes from seeing others succeed and they are personally fulfilled by being part of that journey. When you need a hand - and I mean when you genuinely need and want a hand - the right mentor/adviser will cross your path. At that time, you will just need to reach out and grab them.

Shaun O'Keefeis a fee-based financial planner serving the families of the Peregian community. He specialises in retirement planning advice, SMSF, superannuation and life insurance along with strategies for UK QROPS pension transfer and estate planning. His major focus is helping his clients set themselves up to build and successfully transfer their wealth between the generations. Subscribe


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