• Shaun O'Keefe I Financial Adviser

Moments of reset

There have been a couple of times when I've made a significant change in my career path. They're defining moments. They're the kind of moments when you go all in. And they're moments mixed with excitement, doubt and fear.

The first of these was when I stepped away from a long term management role in the telecommunications retail sector to pursue a career in financial advice. This was a large reset - moving from the familiar to the unknown. After completing my financial planning studies, while working full-time, I took the first year out to work on the fringes of financial advice as a PA to the head of a private investment start-up. Which, unfortunately, didn't really get to start up.

I then made the decision to get serious and focus on personal financial advice. After a bit of a false start, and now with our fourth child, the pressure was on to make a go of this. With a halving of my previous salary, this new career was to begin with a real challenge. It would test my attitude, resolve and professional grit. Thankfully though, I was mentored well and given every possible chance of success, or failure, in what would turn out to be my seven-year apprenticeship in financial advice. In the end, we built a thriving financial advice business that focussed on providing financial planning strategies to both Queensland Government and Corporate sector employees.

The next reset was when I made the decision to do it all again - this time starting my own financial advice business from scratch back in 2019. My decision came from a desire to serve local families with more broad-reaching financial planning help. I wanted to focus on my own 'backyard' and put heart into financial advice. There's always a cost and for this, and for me this was to walk away from my comfortable income and business entitlements and again take my family into the unknown. But I've never looked back - it's been the best professional decision of my life and to help families make a plan to prosper financially, and to coach them along the way, has been truly rewarding.

Moments of reset are just that - moments in time where you get to start again in some way. Sometimes it's thrust upon you and at other times it's a choice you get to make. As exciting as the prospect of a fresh start is, it's not easy. The personal doubts and battling with the fear of failure are not pleasant. My career decisions affected my family in many big ways but we were in it together and it gave me the courage to build a service business that has more than just a motive of commercial success.

Shaun O'Keefe is a fee-based financial planner serving the families of the Peregian community to help set themselves up to build and successfully transfer their wealth between the generations. While some advisers focus specifically on investments or retirement planning, he's chosen to focus 'Financial planning for the whole family’. Subscribe

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