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Updated: Jun 25, 2020

I caught up with a friend yesterday who I haven't seen in a few years. He's one of those good people in my life. We have a lot of history and even shared the same career journey together for over a decade. It was a good time.

Like most long overdue catch up's with friends, he asked me what I'm doing. I told him how I help people and their families with their financial stuff like super, estate planning, risk insurance, retirement planning, aged care advice...etc. I help make it easy for them to get it all sorted and help them get set up to achieve their goals. After giving him a quick overview he then stopped me in my tracks.

  • My Friend: You said 'risk insurance' - what's that?

  • Me: It's the name for personal insurances such as Income Protection which pays you money if you couldn't work because you were sick or injured. You can still pay your mortgage, buy your groceries and pay for school fees for the kids...etc

  • My Friend: Well, why didn't you just say that?

  • Me: Hmmmm. That's a good point. (sip on my coffee)


It's just like speaking in a special code.

Jargon is special words or expressions used by a profession or group that are difficult for others to understand.

It's what the financial services profession is full of.

It's what Financial Advisers can be full of.

It's what I was speaking to my friend.

But it's really just a barrier. Like speaking in a special code - it blocks people's understanding of the simplicity of the message and it's no wonder people 'switch off' when it comes to their money stuff.

Even though I'm aware of the financial jargon around and how damaging it can be and even though I've had really good training - I still fall into the trap of using it. The reality is that it only serves to take the simple and make it complex.

It was a really good lesson. And one I was happy to learn again while catching up with a friend over coffee and talking about the important things in life - our families, our history together and how we both want to help people.

Shaun O'Keefeis a fee-based financial planner serving the families of the Peregian community. He specialises in retirement planning advice, SMSF, superannuation and life insurance along with strategies for UK QROPS pension transfer and estate planning. His major focus is helping his clients set themselves up to build and successfully transfer their wealth between the generations. Subscribe


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