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Financial margin

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Many people imagine that one day they'll be free of money worries. That they'll be secure and have enough. Their favourite saying is 'One day when.... <fill in the blank>'.

  • When I get that promotion

  • When we win the lotto

  • When we get that inheritance

  • When the share/property/bitcoin market goes up

But what most experience is financial stress. And this is likely to continue.


Because they don't have enough financial margin.

Financial margin is the difference between;

  1. Money coming in, and;

  2. Money going out

It's that gap between your income and expenses.

Without a financial margin of sufficient size, we’ll never achieve a life free of financial stress.

But humans are funny critters. Most of us overestimate the good times and underestimate the challenging times. We spend up to our limits and set too little aside for a rainy day.

Men in particular, and I'm as guilty as the next bloke, generally focus on the income side. We think that the more we can earn the better off we'll be.

But that's not entirely true.

It's important for sure, but it's just that this appears to be the most obvious path.

Instead, run a critical eye over where your money goes - your expenses. You'll find your 'financial margin' hiding in there.

What can you do from here?

Rather than just try to push upward with your income - why not press downward on your expenses. Doing both will achieve the optimum, but if you could do just one today choose to press downward on your expenses.

Read this article - again. Consider getting the free money management app which has recently been upgraded. It's got to be the best-kept secret around to getting on top of your expenses.

Then take a look at where you spend your money. There'll be some expenses you just can't reduce - but you'd be surprised where you can. Find some items to trim a little and get yourself some financial margin.


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