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Everyone has a story.

So what does a financial adviser actually do?

This is a question that's not asked often enough. And it's the one that most of my clients where thinking at some stage. You probably are too right now.

Here you'll find a bunch of 'people stories'. They're stories I've put together from working with people just like you. They cover a range of scenarios where a financial adviser takes complex situations, anxious feelings and uncertain futures - and brings things back to the basics to give hope and clarity.

As a financial adviser, I do just that. I help people make the most of the resources they have so that they can achieve their life goals. And these goals can be pretty amazing.

But most of all, I try to ask the right questions - and then listen carefully. Because everyone has a story. And I count it a privilege to be part of it.

Josh & Amber


“We’ve made a lot of money from crypto – now we want to make it work for us” 

These were Amber’s first words to me. Her husband Josh would tell you that it was always about the money for them. What started out as bit of a Bitcoin flutter in 2017 quickly turned into an almost unhealthy obsession as their crypto investment exploded. 

These days they’ve been able to find some balance. Josh & Amber decided to get some advice to prioritise some of their family goals and put steps in place to make it happen. They’ll use a bit of their crypto returns to improve their home and pay out what’s left of their mortgage. They’re keen to give some support for their families too. What they needed was an adviser who could understand them and then help them to get it done. 

Their financial future is bright.

Erik & Sarah


Erik & Sara are married now – both have kids from previous relationships. They didn’t know that their existing Wills aren't valid now and they haven’t given thought to guardianship for the younger two if something were to happen to them or even Power of Attorney for each other. In fact, they didn’t know a lot of things and admitted to me that it just got all too hard – and so they didn’t do anything. 

Blended families and previous relationships – these are the things that can get tricky when it comes to getting your Wills, Powers of Attorney and superannuation death benefit nominations sorted.

You want to keep in control every step of the way. I help families just like Erik & Sara’s get their Wills and Powers of Attorney structured so they have a solid plan in place that they can rely upon.

Rateesh & Anji


Rateesh and Anji have been planning for their retirement since they were in their late 40’s. They got serious just over 15 years ago when they started to self-manage their super and used all their funds to invest in a property in Sydney’s southern suburbs, not far from their home. It was a big risk at the time they said because all their super was now sitting in one investment. They just wanted something ‘tangible’ that they could see, and property ticked all the boxes. The market was kind to them and their 'big risk' paid off. Now they just need help to manage their super more simply - and to make sure it lasts the distance.

"You know what?" Anji says with a smile on her face.

"We did it." Rateesh just nods and smiles too.


Satisfied. They retired last year and are relocating to the Sunshine Coast for a more relaxed lifestyle. This was always the plan.



For me, being a financial adviser became very real when one of my first clients passed away.

She was a month older than me, strong and fit. And then aggressive cancer cut her life short, leaving her husband and two children behind.

She’d sought my financial advice a few years earlier, and her life insurance could now be used to cover medical bills, final expenses, and give her family time to grieve and then start over again financially.

Jools & Mark


Jools is contemplating the recent events of her life. Just before Christmas, she’ll be resigning from her nursing position that she’s held for the last 12 years. This couldn’t have been further from her thoughts a year ago. Now, due to an underlying health condition, she’s chosen not to vaccinate. Losing her job will now place a strain on the family finances and she’s dealing with a bit of guilt because of it.

Her hubby, Mark, works as a manager in a large chain sporting goods retailer. He supports Jools’ decision, but once the craziness of the Christmas rush is over, he’s not so sure how to sort out the money side of things with the drop in income – particularly for the mortgage.

They have some savings – thankfully. This was one of the first things we got set up. To be honest, they were pretty organised and disciplined with their finances and just needed a bit of guidance from me initially. With this, and some of Jools’ long service leave still owing, they’ll be OK for a few months at least. We’ve had to modify our plan for a while, but at least it’s not ‘panic stations’ - and they’re pretty relieved by that. We’ll work together to keep things on track when the kids return to school and the new year gets underway.

Emily & Paul


Emily and Paul had been doing well with their finances, but as the years went on, and the kids had grown, they could feel themselves getting a little out of control. They knew they needed to do something about it now before they started having more complications as the years dragged on. So when Emily's teaching job finished for the year, Paul took a break from his hectic building business and called for help. "Paul and I have always done our best with our money," Emily told me carefully, looking at my face for any sign of judgement, "...but we just don't know where to start."