Use your NDIS Plan to help build your financial capacity.

The 'Building Financial Capacity' Program helps you take back control, manage your own personal finances and develop a new level of confidence in life. It works along with your existing NDIS supports and provides you with a way to maintain your existing financial independence or exit the Public Trustee’s Financial Administration.

  • The program is fully funded with no out of pocket expenses when funds are available and approved for use under your NDIS Plan.

  • You will build your financial capacity through better understanding your money and increasing personal money management skills such as budgeting.

  • With your financial adviser, you will develop a personalised financial management plan and support structure appropriate to your needs which will help you meet both your short term needs and build towards long term financial confidence and independence. We will cover areas such as;   

◗ Financial planning and advice.

◗ Budgeting tools and ongoing management.

◗ Investment advice to help provide you with funds to meet your lifestyle needs.

◗ Tax agent & bookkeeping services to keep you organised and meet your tax obligations.

◗ Legal services for Wills, Powers of Attorney and family succession planning to make sure you've got everything under control.

  • If you are under Financial Administration, such as with the Public Trustee, we will help to prepare you for transition to self-management with appropriate supports.

◗ Help to support the QCAT review process to remove an appointed financial administrator, such as the Public Trustee, once they consider there is no longer a need for their appointment.

◗ Provide evidence to support your increased financial management capacity.

◗ Provide you with regular, ongoing reviews and management to support you and to keep your financial management strategy on track.


My heart is geared towards helping the vulnerable and those in need of support so they can develop a new level of confidence in their financial life.  

Together, we can make your future bright. Connect with me to see how I can help you build your financial capacity.

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Shaun O'Keefe

Financial Adviser - Peregian