Financial Planning
& Capacity Building
Services for NDIS

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Financial Planning for NDIS helps you take back control, manage your own personal finances and develop a new level of confidence in life. You will build your financial capacity through better understanding your money and increasing personal money management skills such as budgeting.


Our financial planning services work alongside your existing NDIS supports to make sure you get the very best help for your situation. We will help you to maintain your existing financial independence, we will provide you with financial mentoring and can even help you work towards exiting the Public Trustee’s Financial Administration.

Your financial planning services are fully covered, with no out of pocket expenses, when funds are available and approved for use under your NDIS Plan. 

My heart is geared towards helping the vulnerable and those in need of practical help with their money. Together, we can get your finances on track and keep them there - so you can develop a new level of confidence and independence. 


Connect with me to see how I can help you build capacity with financial planning for NDIS and to make life better. You can contact me if you've got any questions.

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Shaun O'KeefeFinancial Adviser

NDIS Worker Screening ID 11129000