I help you build good attitudes about life and money.

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Our attitudes to money are largely shaped by the way we grew up, and are passed from one generation to the next. The same goes for our outlook on life.


It's the more negative side of our personalities that usually prevent us from achieving the goals that we set out to achieve. And to top it off, most of us know that we could be happier, healthier and wealthier than we actually are.


Although we have our challenges, we also have the capability to achieve our goals if we only had a clear idea how to get there and someone to help.

As a financial adviser, I don't just help people with their money - I'm also a coach, a mentor, and a mediator. I provide advice to people who are dealing with the dramas of everyday life and help them succeed.



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I can help you build good attitudes about life and money, so that you can make better decisions and have the lifestyle that you want to have, not just the one you seem to be stuck in. Contact me if you've got any questions.