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A network of advisers serving their local community. We're taking a road less travelled.

We've all had ideas for how we would like our lives to go. Financial Advisers across the nation are now confronted with such large-scale change that they find themselves questioning their path. For many, this will be the start of the good life that they never had. 


Financial services continue to dominate news headlines with poor examples of big business antics and their pursuit of corporate profits at all costs. Then there are those reports of renegade Advisers exposed for fraud - living secret lives paid for with their client's money. All this eroding the confidence that average Australians have in the financial advice sector. But where are the good news stories of those Advisers with a local community focus - those who are actually helping their clients to have a better life?


Right now is a moment in time like no other. In response to government intervention and community expectations, the financial advice sector is undergoing massive change. It's a time where many Advisers are questioning their path and choosing to exit the profession. For many though, this moment in time presents an opportunity to fully step into the role of the 'trusted adviser' for those families of their local community.

Our vision is to create a network of Financial Advisers with a heart to serve the families of their local community.




Recent trends show Financial Advisers moving away from large institutions into established smaller practices to offer their clients a more well-rounded level of support that they were unable to do at the 'big business' level. Many are taking it a step further and starting their own financial advice business where they can style their professional service to match their own personal convictions and operate in their unique skillset.

Network's approach is to take a road less travelled. Our vision is to create a collective of Financial Advisers across Australia, connected by a common vision to serve the families of our local communities. To help them have a better life.

The road less travelled refers to the unconventional or uninvestigated option.


More metaphorically, it is also used to refer to 'the life you never had' - what might have been had you made different choices. The notion is near to what is nowadays called 'alternative'.

A network operating together to achieve scale, not as isolated micro-businesses or large corporates.


It is for the betterment of families in our local communities.


It is for Advisers like us, with similar values and vision, why we exist. Our communities need more from us than we've historically delivered. They need professionals who can see solutions to what they can't, think strategically and put a simple plan into practice. What our communities don't need are self-seeking advisers pushing their own agenda of products and services 


Our vision is to create a network of financial advice micro-businesses around the nation to meet the needs of their local communities.



It was 1995 and I got a job in a start-up telco retail business in my hometown of Wollongong, NSW. I was unmarried, inexperienced and unpaid. Small businesses run lean when starting out and in this case there just wasn't enough money to go around - but I felt connected with the vision that this business served and I stuck around.

A few years earlier, the head office of what is now a 50 store network of community-focussed telco stores opened for business on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Armed with a vision and a prayer, they started their expansion throughout regional Australia and in 2000, my wife and I relocated to Bendigo, Victoria to take on a store.


It was here, in 2002, that I was thinking of my future and wrote down an idea that I could apply myself to - to lead a 'network of small businesses'. It started as a vague idea that has been growing and refining in me ever since.


After 14 years in telco, I took the next step and moved into financial advice. Changing industries and starting again from the bottom presented its own challenges with a young family. The next seven years were spent 'learning my craft' and growing under the leadership of other experienced advisers. Building a team of financial advice professionals and developing a proactive team culture were highlights. I see nothing I have done as wasted - it has been my preparation for this moment in time.

The families in our local communities are in need. Starved of professional help they turn to what they think will benefit them but many are making decisions which will cost them their financial future.

Invitation to reach out and start looking at opportunities.

Microbusiness model

Financial Advisers work in diverse environments. From the large institutions housed in their corporate offices through to the solo operators working from home. Advisers can be part of the heavy-hitting corporate machinery delivering financial services on a large scale or they can be part of a smaller, more boutique practice, specialising in a particular niche. Wherever they find themselves, their mandate is the same - to look after the best interests of their clients. You.

It's a little unconventional in financial services but believes it will deliver value to our communities.

Advisers with a conviction to create a professional services business built around their own lifestyle and family values  - working together for the best interests of their local communities.

Network Financial Planning is a product of a vision to do good works and the men and women who invested in me at every step along the way.

 Advisers with a conviction to create a professional services business built around their own lifestyle and family values  - working together for the best interests of their local communities.


People are important to me.

I do what I do to help protect your financial wellbeing and to achieve the lifestyle and retirement goals that are important to you and your family. I help to get you where you need to be.


I was fortunate enough to make a lot of my financial mistakes when I was starting out. But taking my young family on that journey wasn’t exactly a high point in my life.


Becoming a Financial Adviser was a practical way in which I could help people who needed financial solutions to difficult situations. After experiencing some financial pain, I could empathise with the people who needed my help and lead them with a way forward. Providing my clients with both the advice and the ‘tools’ to put a solution in place and then to see them prosper continues to give me a sense of fulfilment in what I do.

For over 7 years I worked with a large financial services business on the Sunshine Coast providing specialist advice to mostly Queensland State & Local Government employees. Over those years I helped build the financial advice arm of the business and a capable team of professionals. The work we did was valuable, but I observed that there was a gap in the financial advice market - particularly in estate planning, aged care advice and the transitioning of family wealth - and felt there was more that I could offer my clients personally.

Shaun O'Keefe

Financial Adviser

Sunshine Coast, Queensland

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