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Shaun O'Keefe

Financial Adviser

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Hi, I'm Shaun - a local financial adviser for the Peregian community on the Sunshine Coast.

As a financial adviser, I help families understand their life goals, work out where they currently are, and make a plan to provide structure and direction. And then I’ll hold your hand to help you get there.


I believe when families feel secure and confident about their finances, relationships are stronger, and life is just better. Because you can focus on what matters most to you.

People are important to me. And I've found that I can help more people, more effectively when I help families. I work with families just like yours. When we bring your personal values and financial resources in line, you can stay focused on your priorities in life 


For me, being a financial adviser became very real when one of my first clients passed away. She was a month older than me, strong and fit. And then aggressive cancer cut her life short, leaving her husband and two children behind.


She’d sought my financial advice a few years earlier, and her life insurance could now be used to cover medical bills, final expenses, and give her family time to grieve and then start over again financially.

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Your money, your investments and the 'things' in your life mean nothing unless you get your priorities right. Those priorities can make life richer and more meaningful - like the financial security of owning your own home sooner, choosing the right school for your kids, or having a flexible lifestyle where you get more time with family rather than in the daily grind. Whatever you dream about, it’s important – and achievable. 


Financial planning is very broad. While some advisers focus specifically on investments or retirement goals, I help every generation within a family to be financially strong and healthy, and in turn this helps the communities they live and work in.

Working closely with your family, I act as a trusted adviser to help you achieve your priorities together – and not at the expense of other needs. I find this incredibly rewarding, and it makes building and maintaining family wealth over generations a lot more achievable.

Together we'll cover all the practical areas such as:

  • Taking control of your money and managing it well

  • Building your family wealth through savings and investments

  • Securing your family against financial risks

  • Tax planning

  • Estate planning for control and maintaining generational wealth

  • Retirement planning

  • Financial planning and capacity building for NDIS, and

  • Aged care options including remaining at home with family members.


My focus is on you: helping you set yourself up to build and successfully transfer your wealth to the next generation.

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Shaun O'Keefe

Financial Adviser


How can I help you and your family ?

Thanks for contacting me. I've just sent you an email and I look forward to catching up soon.