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Hi, I'm Shaun - a local financial adviser for Peregian on the Sunshine Coast.

Shaun O'KeefeFinancial Adviser

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Your family’s financial situation is important. But it can be hard to know what you should do, and where to start.


You don't have time for financial jargon or complicated plans that won't work for your family. And you deserve more than a one-size-fits all approach from an adviser who doesn't understand your goals and values.


I take the time to get to know you, your family and your life goals so we can create a plan together that will help you achieve them financially - without wasting any of your valuable time. Because then you can focus on what matters most to you.

People are important to me. I've found that I can help more people, more effectively when I help families. I work with families just like yours to build good attitudes about life and money, so that you can make better decisions and have the lifestyle that you want.

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Our why | A just cause

We’re a family focussed business. Our financial planning services focus on the needs of families in our local community. This is by design - because family is important to us. We’re very motivated to address these common financial problems because we think they’re worth solving - and the results are nothing short of life changing:

  • Most families don't have a financial plan to guide their decision making.

  • Financial stress is a leading cause of family stress and breakup.

  • Most families desperately need financial security and guidance.

  • Families want to preserve their generational wealth; they just don't know how.


Your money, your investments and the 'things' in your life mean nothing unless you get your priorities right. Those priorities can make life richer and more meaningful - like the financial security of owning your own home sooner, choosing the right school for your kids, or having a flexible lifestyle where you get more time with family rather than in the daily grind. Whatever you dream about, it’s important - and achievable. 


Financial planning is very broad. While some advisers focus specifically on investments or retirement goals, I help every generation within a family to be financially strong and healthy, and in turn this helps the communities they live and work in.

Working closely with your family, I act as a trusted adviser to help you achieve your priorities together – and not at the expense of other needs. I find this incredibly rewarding, and it makes building and maintaining family wealth over generations a lot more achievable.

Together, we'll cover the following services:

  • Taking control of your money and managing it well

  • Building your family wealth through savings and investments

  • Financial projections, debt repayment & lifestyle planning

  • Financial consultation service for crypto investors

  • Securing your family against financial risks

  • Business structures & commercial agreements

  • Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF)

  • Tax planning & asset protection strategies

  • Estate planning for control and maintaining generational wealth

  • Retirement planning and tax-free superannuation income

  • Financial planning and capacity building for NDIS

  • Nominee Services to help you make Centrelink dealings easier

  • Aged care options, remaining at home with family members.


My focus is on you. I help you enjoy your life, build your family wealth and successfully transfer it to the next generation.

Got questions?

If you've got any questions please contact me - or take a look at getting started and see how it all works.

Shaun O'KeefeFinancial Adviser

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How can I help you and your family?

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Thanks for contacting me. I've just sent you an email and I look forward to catching up soon.